Expertises Technology

Resource and Knowledge Centre for technologies in the District

  • Zero Tillage Maize.
  • Stem Application in cotton for sucking pest management.
  • Hybrid Seed production in Rice, Maize and Cotton.
  • Varietal Seed Production in Rice and Ground Nut.
  • Aerobic Rice.
  • Direct Seeding in rice with Drum Seeder.
  • Usage of Post Emergence herbicides in different crops.
  • Pre released and newly improved varieties in Rice, Red gram, Green Gram, Black Gram, Groundnut and Seasmum.
  • SRI in Rice.
  • Square plantation in Redgram.
  • Backyard poultry rearing with improved breeds like Giriraja and Vanaraja.
  • Vermi compost , Vermi culture & Vermi wash production techniques.
  • Azolla production & its utilization Practices.
  • Production and supply of perennial fodders.
  • Composite fish culture/Culture based fisheries in inland water bodies.
  • Culture of murrels and fresh water prawn.
  • Rearing of sheeps in mango orchards.
  • Soil and water analysis.