26 Aug 2014

Stem application in cotton for sucking pest management

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Stem application in cotton with Monocrotophos (1:4) is an effective method of control of sucking pests and also compatible with IPM.

From the last ten years KVK is promoting the Stem application method in cotton through trainings and method demonstrations in FLD fields as well as in other farmer fields for the control of sucking pests and simultaneously tested the modified tools (Stem application bottles) under OFT for the better adoption. During the first and second year we have faced difficulties in the adoption and spread of this technology even though it is an effective. We have collected feed back from the farmers in which most of the farmers expressed that, the application with brushes is laborious and women labour is refusing to work for this due to chemical smell and contamination.

Here we have taken a simple intervention of using plastic bottles for the application of chemical instead of brush. This stem application bottles were distributed to the farmers under demonstrations and also made available through KVK on cost basis.
Wide publicity was given through electronic and print media on this stem application technology and farmers were well educated about the stem application technology through method demonstrations. Stem application bottles were also made available to the farmers in KVK for easy accessibility to increase the adoptability.

KVK strongly believe that unless until we will provide the source of technology the technology will not be viable. Keeping this in view KVK refined the plastic bottles and made available to the farming community on cost basis. KVK also presented the impact of this stem application methodology in national level, state level and dist. level meetings and thoroughly discussed about this technology.

With the efforts of KVK on this technology, Director of Extension ANGRAU instructed the DAATTCs and KVKs to adopt this technology where ever cotton is a predominant crop and take the bottles from KVK, Jammikunta. This year KVK supplied these bottles to different KVKs, DAATTCs and Dept. of agriculture officials in 7 districts namely Kurnool, Kadapa, Medak, Adilabad, Warangal, Nalgonda and Karimnagar districts.

In the 7 districts farmers were adopted this methodology and expressed their happiness towards eco friendly and cheaper technology for effective management of sucking pests in cotton. Recently in SLTP meeting also many DAATTC Coordinators expressed their satisfaction towards this technology and also they were mentioned that we brought these bottles from KVK Jammikunta.

Finally throughout the state KVK Jammikunta was identified as Resource centre for stem application methodology in cotton for the sucking pest management to provide the stem application bottles on cost basis.

Based on KVK, Jammikunta suggestion, ANGRAU taken a decision that all KVKs and DAATTCs to conduct FLDs on this technology for the year 2012-13.

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  1. sir i require reference paper on stem smearing, please help me


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